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Creative Business Development

Our Business Anthropological framework helps companies manage uncertainty focusing on predicting the competitors actions in the wake of the downturn and assessing market disruptions caused by new technologies.

Henry Hank

Creative agency. We conceptualize, design and execute outstanding Brands.


Digital devops studio crafting beautiful and engaging online innovation solutions.

Legal Wise

Legal advisors focus on taylored solutions, we´ve got you covered all the way.

Wacaf Air

We help brands manage uncertainty focusing on predicting the competitors actions in the wake of the downturn.


We build reliable business solutions base on disruptiveness. Driven by results our team of experts, from our strategically integrated service process provider structure, delivers an outstanding performance.

Managing uncertainty

Tools and resources targeted to track and stay ahead of economic developments and business process base in organization capabilities.


Focus on predicting the competitors actions in the wake of the downturn and assessing market disruptions caused by new technologies.

Consumer insight

Global consumer trends tracking methods help business devise a new approach to customer service, becoming a key pillar of any strategy.

Business Modeling

From the scratch to well establish enterprises we work with companies in new and emerging markets before they become obvious.

Practice Areas

Airline & Transport

Airline & Transport - Digital Transformation by connecting Passengers - Flight Ops - MRO on IOT and Big Data.


Predictive assistant system focus on patient demand base on insurance cost record and fitbit accesible data.

Financial Services

Company needs to leverage on technology and Big Data to forecast results reducing financial costs.

Energy & Renewals

Conectiviy at home base energy production level integrated on a predictive model serving energy where needed on the network.


Sharing Destination platform aimed to gather operators, tourist and residents towards a targeted offer base on consumption patterns.

Goverment Affairs

Population claiming for transparency is key on tech delivery systems focus on social wealth.

Banking & Insurance

Blockchain base interchange technology between projects and SMEs to surpass Cash Flow requeriments.


comapanies need to address the needs beyond the hardware and the network.

Consumer Products

flexible packaging and distribution base on customer demand by integrating the supply chain in just a click.


Suply Chain information integration on customer product co-creation scenario generates accuracy on product and service delivery.


wearables and in home printing base in an open sources society challenge the idea of industrial process excution.

Social Sector

represents the triger of social revolution, sharing economy and open source philosophy, we consider it the ?Rosetta Stone".

How We Work

We act collaboratively and with integrity we do not act transactionally. We care deeply about building long term relationships with companies.

We push companies to build exceedingly great business and help them to make the hard choices along that path No question, we operate in a ferociously competitive industry.

The company who choose to work with Dealup & Partners do so because they share vision to chase excellence by performance.

Business are figures

Key Performance Indicators in business seems to be critical numbers while we believe good numbers come as result of operation confidence in innovation.


Current projects status


Million clients acquired by our clients sales platforms and contact centres.


Active portfolio companies performing towards client insights tools.


Million Total market growth achieved by our clients.

What clients Love Us

Empowering Peoples Business to be more human.

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